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No BS OKRs: Live & Interactive

Start the week with a blank sheet of paper, end it with a finished set of OKRs ready to use to guide your organization or work for the next year or quarter.


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1:1 Coaching Monthly Memberships

Unlock your full potential with our 1:1 Coaching Monthly Membership. Designed to support leaders and aspiring leaders in their career exploration and evolution, this package offers ongoing personal and professional development. We use a mix of modalities, including Executive Coaching, Positive Psychology & Well-Being Coaching, and OKR Coaching, tailored to your needs. Benefit from expert guidance, goal-setting, and self-directed action planning. Assessments and resources are included, ensuring comprehensive learning. Enjoy the flexibility to reschedule missed sessions and cancel at any time. Join our coaching membership today and fuel your career and life's work to new heights. What you'll get: 1:1, focused, dedicated time with Sara to work on your specific concerns in a confidential, supportive environment. An automated transcript of our session so you don't have to take notes; and, a Miro Board (exported to PDF) as a takeaway so you don't have to recreate our work! Increased confidence and clarity about your pathway ahead! One 50 minute coaching session every other week, with notes and takeaways. Pricing listed is for private pay individual engagements, not corporate-hire engagements. If your employer is sponsoring your coaching, please visit our sister site,  It may be possible to discount pricing further for non-executive participants, non-profit leaders, and people experiencing involuntary career transition. For more information, please contact Sara directly.

$595.00 USD every month

1:1 Individual Coaching Six-Session Pack

Co-create this personalized coaching package to supports you on your journey of personal and professional growth. Whether you're exploring new career paths or navigating career evolution, our tailored sessions are designed to meet your specific needs. With a range of coaching modalities including Executive Coaching, Positive Psychology & Well-Being Coaching, experience working with leaders and aspiring leaders who are "wired differently," and a focus on goal setting and achievement through OKR Coaching, you'll receive expert guidance from a skilled professional coach. I'll guide you through setting goals, creating action plans, and adapting our agenda to ensure it aligns with your evolving aspirations. Six 50-minute coaching sessions conducted via video-conference or phone over a three-month period. Comprehensive session notes and action items, along with supplementary personal and professional development resources for self-study, as applicable. Asynchronous support between sessions through voice, video, or text messaging for timely queries, progress updates, and accountability, if desired. With assessments and supportive resources included, we'll foster your learning and development. I'd love to help you re-ignite your feeling of purpose and confidence about your career, and help you create your life's work. Please note that the pricing mentioned is applicable to private pay individual engagements and not corporate-hire arrangements. If your employer is sponsoring your coaching, please visit our sister site, Additionally, discounted pricing may be available for non-executive participants, non-profit leaders, and individuals undergoing involuntary career transitions. For further details, kindly reach out to Sara directly.

$3,500.00 USD

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